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“The Bearded Heron Safaris team has provided an experience exceeding our expectations in service, knowledge and personality.

We learnt, we saw, we smelled, we touched, we listened and we understood so much more.”


Bearded Heron Safaris has been successful over the years because of our skill in conducting small group safari experiences that provide real insights into the diverse and fantastic culture of South Africans that few mass market or package tours can achieve.


Real people, real experiences…

Combine the raw energy and unrivalled passion for hospitality that South Africans have with a great deal of knowledge, a legal and credible set of qualifications, and a genuine love of African wildlife – you end up with an unbelievable, once-in-a-lifetime experience with us. We simply invite you to share the magnificent ecological and cultural diversity and historical significance South Africa is all about. You get all the soul food as well as world class accommodation standards.


“Words cannot accurately describe what a special experience these six days have been. Ryan and I love to ‘experience’ a place rather than just doing and seeing things. After our time in Kruger with bearded Heron we have experienced the sounds, the smells, the camaraderie and the conversation that exemplify this majestic place.

-Sonia and Ryan



With Bearded Heron, it is always going to be the 5-star people you meet that turn your trip into a once-in-a-lifetime memory of African culture and wildlife!


Yes, the Kruger is world-famous – so is South African hospitality! So is the passion South Africans have for the soil, their history and their wildlife. Our attitude in the bush, the amount of time we spend outdoors, our traditions around the campfire and our reaction to rain are glorious examples of ‘salt of the earth’ people. We are not about mass market packages and rates but listen to our guests and tailormake their safari experiences.


“Neil and Gordon were absolutely fabulous. From the moment we were picked up we guided by consummate professionals.

Neil’s knowledge of the bush from footprints to large animals to unrelated topics like politics and books was amazing. There was something for all age groups as me, my mother and my children all enjoyed the trip.”

-Beth and family



Bearded Heron Safaris is all about turning a great safari into an unbelievable one…

Besides being great hosts, guests in our country love to experience our ingenuity we can always make a plan! Going the ‘extra mile’ is simply part of the journey for us – we know that our wine is good but it’s the twists and turns of the grapevine that make our wines fantastic!


“Neil I feel great satisfaction knowing that everyone you touch receives a little of your magic, you are a very special human being. Be proud of your business – exceptional service and attention to detail.”





At Bearded Heron Safaris, we don’t simply design itineraries that provide tours of wonderful destinations, lodges and safaris. We work hard (because we enjoy what we do) at combining our favourite places with the people that provide you with the once-in-lifetime experience of South Africa. We invite you into our lives to share with us what we love so dearly. – Africa, its wildlife, its weather and culture and its fantastic attitude to hospitality!


Our footprint is what remains in Africa, in your heart and in our commitment to the sustainability of our incredible country.


We look forward to chatting to you about your dream holiday.


We have a 4-5 star big 5 lodge experience (2 to 5 nights) we can book for you – either as a stand alone or in combo with one of our safari experiences.


We conduct exclusive private family or small group safari experiences of the Kruger – with Neil – 5 to15 days.


Our standard luxury safari experience – with personal guiding – of the Kruger NP and surrounding areas 5 to 15 days.


Bearded Heron Safaris small group private safari of the Kruger – great value for money 5 to15 days – luxury and comfortable accommodation.


Or a combination Cape Town and Kruger experience with a wide range of options.


A combination of Kruger NP, Okavango, Victoria Falls and Cape Town options – tailormade to suit your budget.


Ask Tina for our current scheduled dates for Bearded Heron Safaris special rates and itineraries.


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