While the war on the ground rages on, the debate if we should legalise rhino killing or not, legalise trade or not rages on somewhere up in the social spaces of opinion.

My job now is to stop the killing of our rhinos on the ground. Protect them!            

- Neil Heron

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To generate funds through funding and sponsorship for the purchase of trap cameras and the purchase of batteries and airtime for the cameras.



Free speech is promoted, hate speech is not. This forum is about technology that can be used to prevent rhinos from being slaughtered daily.


Rhino protection is defined

as equipment and tech that

uses technology to stop, slow

down or halt the unauthorised

and illegal slaughter of our



Our cameras work constantly. They are in the bush patrolling in secret – no tracks, no movement, no human weakness or frailty, no threat of corruption. Our cameras are unseen watchdogs in the bush, they don’t need to be manned, they work 24/7 without getting tired. They don’t live in fear of the dark, they cannot be convinced of anything other than their mission. A mission to notify the closest ranger that there are criminals in the bush hunting rhinos.



Part of the war is about getting to a poacher before the poacher gets to the rhino. Once you can do that, rhinos will stop dying. The more cameras we can put in the bush, the better. The more batteries and airtime we can provide for the cameras, the better.

My safaris into the Kruger won’t be the same without rhinos. Help me help catch the poachers before the rhino is totally wiped out.

Our successes are recorded. So, this page will always notify you of successes. I will keep this page alive – just like the rhinos. Check out our updates, podcasts and news on this forum.


South African donations:
ND Heron
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Account number: 62725056908

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