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I understand that the current social and economic imbalances within South Africa is a terrible reality and real threat to any productive and sustainable business, social equality and peaceful lifestyle I would like my family and myself to enjoy.

To this end it is my duty to myself, my family, my friends, my community and to my country to set about doing all that I can to assist in the transformation of South Africa into a place that can offer sustainable income, social equality and a peaceful lifestyle to all our citizens.

I will continually help by reacting negatively to any racist or discriminatory action or remark, and actively seek to eradicate such actions or remarks.

I will assist by nurturing an attitude of cultural learning – to better understand the diversity of South Africa’s cultures and languages, all our languages.

In my business, I will reflect transformation in employment equity – I will offer empowerment to local communities who have been previously disadvantaged in this country, and I will offer mutually beneficial partnership opportunities to those who support this view.

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