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15 Days North to South


Join Neil (The Bearded Heron) during June, July or August 2024 and you will receive a reduced rate on your Kruger Safari Experience!
Choose from 8- to 15-day experiences.
The camps (below) are among our top destinations and - combined with our 5-star guiding and hosting - make your Private Family or Private Small Group Bearded Heron safari intimate and immersive as well as exclusive just for your group or family.



Root your Journey at Shimuwini

Meaning "Place of the Baobab Tree", this camp is situated in the north of the Kruger between sparse, isolated hills in the west and the Lebombo mountains in the east.

Shimuwini is set in a remote area along the Letaba River with superb river views.

The sparse, isolated hills in the west are rich in pre-historic artefacts, while the Lebombo Mountains in the east form the natural boundary between Kruger Park, South Africa and Mozambique.

At Shimuwini, you will certainly see many different animals coming down to drink along the river within view of the camp.

Travel to Lively Sirheni

'Sirheni' is a Tsonga word that refers to an elephant graveyard but this Bushveld Camp actually full of life.

Located on the edge of the Kruger's northern plains with the Mphongolo River running into the camp's neighboring 'Sirheni Dam', you will often awake to the sounds of lions roaring at the water side or see the resident leopard who often comes down for a drink at what is his 'usual spot'. 

Discover the Amazing Shingwedzi

Centered in a quiet clearing along the banks of the Shingwedzi river, this eponymous camp provides a well-balanced Kruger National Park accommodation offering of luxury holiday and authentic, outdoor camping trip.

Shrouded in mopane trees, the area produces sightings of waterbuck, nyala, kudu, and elephant, as well as a variety of bird species.

While the river does dry up in summer months, animal sightings are more frequent in winter as groups challenge each other over quickly disappearing pools left in the wake of the disappearing river.

Check out The view at the Great Olifants

Named after the River "Olifants" is Afrikaans for Elephants. A fitting name for both the majestic river and the awe-inspiring view you get at this camp. Situated onto of a great hill, you get to see the Kruger from the perspective of an eagle.

This camp is perfectly central in the Kruger.

Gamedrive to see several dams, open savannas and thorn thickets with amazing riverbeds and pools to explore.

Elephants, lion and buffalo are prolific in this area as well as the endangered cheetah.

Nighttime at Olifants plays host to unbelievable African wildlife sounds, and you are sure to see many animals at the waterhole by simply sitting in the game viewing hide for an hour or two. Bird watching is also prolific. A resident troop of baboons is always seen foraging around the camp in the evenings.

See a breathtaking view of the Kruger all from the comfort of your Private accommodation.

Circle to the Charming Satara

Situated in an excellent game viewing area, Satara has relatively open bushland and the game is plentiful and diverse.

Satara camp itself has a rustic charm, with the accommodation set out in a series of circles.

Satara camp is well wooded, and the birdlife is prolific.

At night the clink of fruit bats is fused with the chirping of cicadas and crickets. Owls and nightjars add to the symphony that is punctuated by the whoop of hyena, the screech of jackal and the roar of lion.

End your Journey at the beautiful Lower Sabie

Large numbers of game are attracted to the abundance of water, sweet grass and foliage in the vicinity of Lower Sabie Rest Camp, giving rise to a diversity of game, almost unequalled anywhere else in the park.

The area boasts lion, cheetah, elephant, hippopotamus, rhino, herds of buffalo and warthog.

A beautiful view awaits, overlooking the Sabie River, this is the perfect place to end your journey. 

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