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Eco-tourism mission statement

Bearded Heron Safaris is committed to the principals and motivations of international eco-tourism organisations, and is directly committed to applying the following principals in all aspects in operations within South African National Parks, and with specific, ongoing activities within the Kruger National Park.

Bearded Heron Safaris will provide an extremely personalised and professional Kruger National Park experience to guests on safari.


Code of Conduct

Bearded Heron Safaris will ensure that all vehicle, guide and route permits and licences are legally accredited and internationally accepted to set standards in the tourism and hospitality economic sector in South Africa.

Bearded Heron Safaris will promote and market the Kruger National Park and South Africa as a viable holiday destination for international tourists and visitors.


Bearded Heron Safaris will play an active role in the protection and conservation of The Kruger National Park as a national heritage to all South Africans.


Bearded Heron Safaris will play an active support role in the cultural, economic and eco-tourism developments in South Africa that will lead to equity and equal opportunity for all South Africans in the future.

Bearded Heron Safaris supports SATSA – the South African Tourism Services Association.

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