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Neil Heron’s wildlife photographs

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a memory of your safari, or a picture of your safari to come? I am happy to sign or add a quotation on any image you purchase from me.


You have the choice of purchasing high resolution, single use images as follows:

1.         A single RAW file.

2.         An edited fine art piece from an image of your choice.

3.         A designed collage of 4 or 6 smaller images to frame.

4.         A specific image with my signature or a quotation from me.


I will provide a quotation to anyone who wants high resolution copies of my wildlife photographs so you can frame, print on canvas or create an image of your choice.

The photographs displayed on my gallery are low resolution images that have been edited by me.  You have the choice of acquiring the original photograph or my crop and edit at full resolution to print onto canvas.

Please message me with the image details or click on image then click "go to link" and what you’d like me to do with it and I’ll send you a price. My images, collages and fine art prints range from USD10 to USD60.

Payment is accepted via PayPal.



Neil Heron


To enquire about any of my images below, click here:

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