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Neil’s stories and insights into animal behaviour and wildlife often inspire visitors to reach for more detail, which is one of the reasons why so many of his guests return to be guided by him each year.

Neil is also a talented wildlife photographer and he makes his photographs and photographic expertise available to his guests who are on safari with him.

Neil’s commitment to the conservation and protection of the Kruger is reflected in his passion for the Kruger. His take on ‘endangered spaces’ and the role of national reserves and their function in South Africa is inspiring. His personal ethic, professionalism and leadership allow safe and complete game viewing and interpretations of the landscape, history, culture and ecological diversity of the Kruger.

Neil’s numerous articles on wildlife and guiding are the result of many years guiding on foot in the African bush and in an open safari vehicle.

Neil’s stories and photographs often inspire readers to reach for more detail as they continually leave you questioning the way of the wild!

“Part of my job is to watch and listen to the communication within a wildlife area and then – as best as I can – interpret that communication and the resulting behaviour for my guests. My descriptions are easily accepted and understood because they are simple, uncomplicated and easy to personify,” he adds.

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